7.0 Grand Masters

7.1 Spiritual Disharmony
7.2 Integrative Medicine
7.3 Life-Force Energy

Course overview:

The 7.0 completes the master level of the current IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts program, with information on integrative medicine, negative emotions and their impact on health, and the spiritual meaning of illness and disharmony. The intuitive reader, energy practitioner, medical intuitive, personal seeker, and the modern shaman, learn how to take their skills to a master level. You will learn how to sharpen the focus on human energy diagnosis, targeting, and balancing the biological fields. Energy balancing is quickly becoming recognized at integrative medical facilities throughout the world, as a beneficial alternative that compliments traditional therapies. The IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts 7.1 looks at the spiritual or metaphysical cause for illness and disharmony. This resource can be used to target the imbalance using affirmations or to further the treatment with energy balancing modalities. The 7.2 takes a deeper look at the endocrine glands, their spiritual energy, the symptoms of imbalance, while the information on integrative medicine brings understanding to the mind/body connection. The 7.3 studies life-force energy and the underlying causes of restricted energy flow in the organs and endocrine system. The information becomes invaluable for the medical intuitive and energy practitioner, by providing a quick guide to identifying the cause of organ channel clogs as it relates to life-force energy. The individuals that are motivated to complete the seven levels will be equipped to do the most advanced 40 point assessment of energy, as a way to pinpoint energy imbalances, target the area of imbalance, and provide the client a clear path toward resolution

•Certification issued after fulfilling all requirements

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IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts

7.1 Spiritual Disharmony

This section looks at individual emotional and spiritual energy as it relates to disharmony and illness of the human mind, body, and spirit. Louise Hay published information regarding negative emotions and defeating habits that can create imbalances that might prove to be the underlying basis of illness. If a client notices the occurrences of disharmony are repeating, sustained, or unchanged, there is every chance the issue is connected to an energetic aspect with a metaphysical meaning or basis. This section takes that information further with affirmations that can be used to bring balance to any disharmony with spiritual underpinnings. Mostly a resource, this information can be used repeatedly with clients, yourself, and others on the path to wellness

Training Video:

  • Spiritual Disharmony

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IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts

7.2 Integrative Medicine

Energetic imbalance, negative emotions, stress, trauma, and any aspect of the impact of a negative experience, can serve to restrict movement of energy in the body. Every trauma, real or imagined, large or small, can have a direct bearing on a person’s ability to hold balance in the body, mind, and spirit. When studying the spiritual relationship and metaphysical underpinnings regarding a specific illness, a common thread appears. Fear, anger, resentment, depression, sadness, guilt, remorse, shame, hatred, and lower emotions repeatedly surface as a foundation for physical disharmony and illness. Negative emotions from trauma and past experiences can become static or locked in the body, and the inability to release those emotions interferes with vital movement of life-force energy through the channels. This section goes deeper into the information on the spiritual aspects of the endocrine glands, in order to create a balanced understanding of the spiritual connection to life path and wellness. Edgar Cacye shares information on how to address cancer and illness using a holistic approach, giving a clear path to creating a wellness protocol for you or your clients. The current trajectory of the use of energy medicine to create wellness in the body, mind, and spirit, assures the growing acceptance and the bridge between integrative and traditional medicine.

Training Videos:

  • Intro to Integrative Medicine
  • Mind/Body Connection
  • Hidden Meaning of Illness
  • Edgar Cayce on Cancer
  • Endocrine Glands part 1
  • Endocrine Glands part 2
  • Endocrine Glands part 3
  • Integrative Medicine Conclusion

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IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts

7.3 Life-Force Energy

Every living organism carries a life-force energy. Without energy, matter immediately starts to decay. The sun showers the earth with light, Integrative Medicinesound, vibrations, wind, and magnetic energy, creating a universal charge that feeds every living being. Ancient cultures were in tune with the earth energies and the paths that energy takes in movement through the body and across the planet. This section brings full circle the master level understanding of human body energy. With a section on the spiritual component of each organ, organ channel disruptions, nadis, Reiki and life-force energy, the intuitive reader will understand how to do a masters level energy assessment by measuring current levels of life-force energy and applying that information to imbalances.

Training Videos:

  • Intro to Life-Force Energy
  • Nadis and Reiki
  • Organs and Life-Force Energy part 1
  • Organs and Life-Force Energy part 2
  • Organs and Life-Force Energy part 3
  • Organ Clearing and Assessment
  • Assessment part 2
  • Assessment part 3
  • Assessment part 4
  • Conclusion

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