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“Bravo. I have studied at the Omega Institute in New York, I have taken classes from Jungian professors, shamans, and experts on the Kabbalah. I’m even a certified past life regression hypnotherapist, and I gotta admit that there are times when I miss that intellectual challenge. But you sir, are world class, and taking instruction from you just feeds my brain.”
L Chandler

“Russell rides on the wings of the angels and his classes are divinely inspired. As a practicing Energy Therapist, I recommend his classes to beginning and advanced students. The information and guidance are invaluable. Thank you, Russell, you’re one of a kind and deeply appreciated.”
Amy Sikarskie, LVN, CHT

“I wanted to say what a great job you’ve done with the videos!!! They are so informative and very well put together!”
J Roberts (day spa owner)

“BEST WORKSHOP I HAVE EVER TAKEN! and I’ve been to MANY workshops over the years. Thank you Russell Forsyth and Beckie Forsyth for creating such a safe and powerful container for us to start connecting with departed loved ones. Much gratitude to you, the teachers in training, and everyone who was part of the circle.”
T Newman

“I can’t agree more! Russell and Beckie are doing great work for all of humanity. The love is obvious.”
C Braun

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