Intuitive Energy Start-Up Practice Package

If you are wanting to start up your intuitive energy healing practice and have the resources to get going now, we have the package for you. With your purchase, you will get The IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts training program and reference guide, a complete resource and training system with everything you need to know about human body energy, balancing techniques, case studies, step-by step instructions, exercises to grow your skills, and proven methods that are sure to support you in every way.

You will get membership access to over 170 tutorial videos on every section of the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts guide, and the opportunity to get certified in over 20 areas if you complete the internship. If you have experience in some of the areas or an established practice, even better. You can get honorary status in any area that you have already studied and mastered.

With this package, you will receive up to 50 45-minute one-on-on mentor support sessions with your choice of a Certified Teachers spread out over your measured learning period scheduled at your convenience, in order to get your practice related questions answered and your coaching for a guaranteed success start-up.

We will provide with The Atlantean Model model Forsyth Crystal Light Table© custom built for you with 3 crystal wands, a frosted chakra singing bowl set, advertising, and we will even help build your custom website ($5,000 value), just to make sure you have everything needed for your successful business launch that propels you into a rewarding career. We will want to add you to our website to run some traffic your way. You can upgrade with crystals, singing bowls, purchase additional models, or whatever fits your intentions.


Contact Russell Forsyth directly to complete your purchase:

Phone at 512-999-8478