What makes our Custom Crystal Beds unique?

On the surface, all Forsyth Crystal Light Tables look like an ordinary massage table. You will find the real power behind these unique energy devices hidden away from plain sight. Before we approach the daunting task of creating such powerful energetic grids for the human body, we must achieve clarity on the vibrational frequency specific to the new owner. The process begins with a simple intention. Each new build is born out of specific written intent used during the entire process of construction, which becomes the vibrational signature for each unique Crystal Bed. Every intention is different, so each table holds different properties related to human energy balancing.  Click here to see all the options available for your crystal bed.

Once the table is infused with energy related to the new owners intention, magnetic therapy, sound therapy, chromo therapy, crystal therapy and a stone portal to another dimension, combine to form an energetic grid that surrounds the entire body. Reiki Masters have inspected the light table, only to make reference to the device as a Reiki Master Grid for the human body. This means it delivers life-force energy with no need for the practitioner to touch the body, eliminating all potential for unhealthy transfers. The process of bathing a person in oscillating resonance can return them to their original sovereignty and alignment with their core essence, core values, and core purpose for incarnation. With a focus on intention, an act of ceremony, and the expressions of gratitude, a client can open to the energy of love (not the transient emotion of love) with a moment of connection to divinity.

The Birth of a Crystal Bed

This is the first time I have ever shown an image of one our Custom Crystal Beds from beneath the table. This is my own personal light table used with an average of 700 clients a year. I can show this image and still hold privacy for other light table operators, spas, energy practitioners, shamans, and home users who all possess their unique energy tool. The intention behind this custom Crystal Bed led to the energy delivered by by this unique device. Each table holds its own identity related to the intention and properties. The Crystal Beds take on their own characteristics, yet become part of a family creating a larger grid across the planet. With the introduction of each new Crystal Bed, the global grid becomes more powerful! This is my third light table in over a decade and with each year, I add new features to the device.

My intention for my personal table brought forth a vision for infusing the frequencies. This occurs with the construction of every custom bed. I read, process, and absorb the intended use for the light table, taking time to allow the process of creation to unfold. Nothing begins on the construction of the Crystal Bed until I am sure my vision aligns with the intent of the future owner. It must be clear for me to approach the process from a position of reverence and complete alignment with the duty at hand. As the build comes to a conclusion, the light table, the crystals, the magnets, the singing bowls, and the lighting controller, all unite as one unit. The energy fills the room, the material objects, spirit, and the crystals, with an amplified energy, removing any potential lower energies. 

Infusing Energy for the Ages

To help understand the awakening energies related to this light table, we must look at the history of human evolution that delivered us to this moment. Aquarius and Pisces are two of the most collective astrological signs, since they pull the self away from its own journey and confront it with the demands of society, the community, and the larger spiritual self. The Age of Pisces can be interpreted as a passage for all humanity spanning the period before the birth of Christ until now. Christ becomes the living symbol of the Piscean Age. Since most scholars will agree that the birth of Christ marks the beginning of the Age of Pisces, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius must be upon us some 2,000 years later.

With the entering of the Age of Aquarius, humankind is facing a new dawn with a higher level of consciousness than in the last Age of Aquarius over 25,000 years ago. Pisces is a water sign of emotion, whose more positive qualities are being sensitive, psychic, intuitive, compassionate, sacrificial, creative, spiritual, and ethereal. Pisces represents the dissolution of self that is followed by rebirth where the cycle starts anew. Carl Jung believed that the progression from Aries to Pisces “encompasses the complete archetypal cycle of human life, from its first appearance as the spark of life, to its re-immersion into the cosmic ocean. This cycle teaches there is no finality; a cyclical view of time where the end merely becomes the beginning”.

The Time of Cleansing 

We have viewed the Age of Pisces, with its emphasis on spirituality and compassion, as a time of cleansing for humanity. This time in human development has followed a spiritual preparation when the level of the collective unconscious will naturally rise as each person raises their own individual consciousness. Humans are given the opportunity to evolve by turning from outer wisdom to their own inner wisdom for guidance. The Age of Pisces was an age of the heart and the Age of Aquarius is the age of the mind.   

Some astrologers offer that the year 2000 heralds the beginning of a time when the qualities taught by Christ, Buddha, and others, will be called forth from the general populace. There will be one spiritual master that will lead us from darkness to light, and that master can be found within each individual. Every person will decide at some level of their being whether to become the master of their own journey. This beginning of the Age of Aquarius will see many people coming out of the dark night of the soul into the light of higher consciousness.     

Since Jesus is considered an advanced spiritual being, he embodies the highest aspects of universal love, compassion, sacrifice, intuition, servanthood, martyrdom, and spirituality. Jesus represents the birth of non-ego. Pisces comes from the Latin word for fish, and its symbol called a glyph is two fish swimming in opposite directions. This represents the dualism of man’s finite consciousness and the infinite consciousness of the universe, material man versus spiritual man to face the conflict between the ego-self of Aries and the group orientation of Aquarius.

Willful Awakening

Astrologer Alan Oken says the story of Jesus walking on water symbolized man must rise above his emotions, fears, and superstitions (represented by water) to become the master of himself. His walk on the water symbolize a vibrational state high enough to make Jesus less material and light enough to walk on the water. In a book based on the Edgar Cayce’s channeled readings, Christ Consciousness is described as an awareness each of us has, which can be awakened by our will.

Paramahansa Yogananda, who inspired many Westerners to follow Hindu-based teachings, defines Christ Consciousness as universal consciousness. Awakening frees an individual to experience divine nature; what Christ did physically, we must do metaphysically. The Age of Aquarius evokes those who will awaken the Christ Consciousness within. The days of Jesus are long gone, making it difficult to imagine the ways of life during his time. His impact might have been limited until the word of his teachings rippled out to reach people on a global level. In our world today, maybe there is no single person emerging as a global leader who unites the spiritually minded.           

Is there an Avatar for the Age of Aquarius, or are we destined to become masters? As each one of us raises our spiritual vibrations, we spread love and the desire to ascend in our lifetimes by awakening others. Like the theory of the Hundredth Human, individual changes and choices we make help us evolve as a species, permanently altering the path of humankind forever. These theories support an architecture of light infused in the Awakening Table.

Elements of the Crystal Bed Unite

My channeled rendition of the intention for the Awakening Table, represents the Ages of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. The cross was the first image used to represent the Piscean Age. With the intersecting points of the cross positioned below the heart of the client resting on the table, the stone portal opens the heart to divine love. The caduceus is the symbol of Hermes used for centuries and adopted by modern medicine in the 19th century. This symbol is an adaptation of the Rod of Asclepius, a serpent-entwined rod wielded by the Greek god by the same name and associated with healing and medicine. In Native American tradition, the Snake People are chosen to be the Shamans of the village. This is because of the belief that the snake could easily move between the physical world and the spiritual dimensions.

The winged serpents represent the Aquarian Age, with the chakra symbols held between the coils of the snakes. The portal opens the energy centers position below the client to create a balanced flow of vital life-force energy. The feathers fall throughout the light table tapestry representing the breath of God, Universal Consciousness, or the Energy of Love. Each person will choose whether to awaken to the breath of love. The stone gate becomes the final touch to the artwork and energetic infusion of the Crystal Bed. The construction of the lighting controller, the addition of powerful therapy magnets, and the crystal bowl chakra set completed the elements. The final infusion of all these elements include ceremony, prayers, and a vibrational union with the intention to work as one unit. 

The Experience

One of the first things I experienced with the this table I named the Awakening Table, was imagery that repeats often during client treatments. As a clairvoyant, I get impressions that communicate a message from spirit. The image was that of separation between the physical body and the energy body. As the energy body rises, the vision was that of the client being lifting from the cross. This is a message of release from suffering imposed by those who have used religion and spirituality to control. Religious and spiritual persecution is mired in all levels of human consciousness and perpetuated by the self influenced by beliefs around salvation.

As the spirit lifts from the cross, the client’s spiritual body suspends above the table between the image of the cross below and the image of the winged serpents above. The human spirit awakening to the energy of the Aquarian Age, requires lifting from the bondage of the past to experience freedom. As I observed the images and spoke to the client after each session, many expressed express experiencing an out-of-body sensation of weightless suspension. A heavy feeling follows a return to the physical body and the recalibration that occurs with balance. Some experienced a connection to Jesus, God, ancestors, angels, other lifetimes,  and a range of sensations related to connectedness. The beauty from the image of a human spirit above the light table suspended between the symbol of the ages, is quite a sight to behold. The Awakening Table creates a similar experience with each use. 

Crystal Bed Therapist

For new Crystal Bed designs, the only limitation is a willingness to try and create a unique intention that satisfies the imagination. The free training reference that comes with all Forsyth Crystal Light Tables, supports the practice of a Crystal Bed Therapist who can learn to conduct a master-level energy assessment. Unlike many energy treatments, a session that begins with an assessment from a certified Crystal Bed Therapist allows the practitioner to coach the client toward intentions pinpointing any imbalance. The client’s accurate intention is what channels the light to target resonant frequencies, which is one small part of what makes these Custom Crystal Beds unique along with the free training program.

November 2020

I had opened and viewed the beautiful Vogels, but didn’t yet open up the bed as I have been going through a bit of a bout with depression, which is totally unlike me as I’m Type A, always exerting, pushing thru, foraging. Recently with all parts of my life being tested, It’s been a struggle to get focused and to find any energy. I kept telling myself ‘I need to get the table set up, I need to, I need its healing energy right now’, but just haven’t been able to.

Today I was told that my grandma of 93 years old was having her life respiratory support taken out at 1pm Hawaii time.  I knew it was time to set up the table. I hadn’t seen her in 8 years and she had literally ‘died’ and then the doctors later found a pulse – she came back!  It’s our strong stubborn Japanese roots, lol.  She had been on respiratory support since then, November 1st.

My daughter and I watched the unboxing video and she and I opened the bed and gasped. The artwork, crystals and infused mantra’s were absolutely amazing. I have a huge affinity for pyramids also! I am so grateful and beyond words for all the special touches. It’s so funny because a few days ago out of the blue I told my husband that I was going to name the bed Infinity. Then I read the words on the bottom of the table ‘Infinite journey of the soul’. Wow. The design is so resonate with my logo and I love the vibrant colors! Everything is just perfect and beyond what I thought could imagine. Everything was incredibly easy to put together! Even my 6 year old said, ‘Wow that was easy’! What’s the saying: It’s so easy my six year old could do it!  Yes, it was literally that easy to put together and operate, lol.

My daughter has never met my grandma, but she drew a picture of her to lay on the crystal light bed for the session. When it was time, we lit up each color for her and then shined white light to finish the session. I added some reiki and comforting words for her during the session. The Vogel crystal casted amazing rainbows against the white light and we saw some pink orbs reflecting against the wall during the session. She is currently still with us, but I believe that she will be quietly at peace and free very soon.

So, we are all set up now!  I’m still going through the learning process of the modules and I’ve enjoyed all of it thus far. I did complete all the required Angel Card readings, but need to get those grouped together to send to you. I’ve always received readings and never thought to give any, but now I’m completely open to offering these as they felt very natural and was a great way to trust and share my intuition.

I wanted to thank you and Beckie again for allowing me to be a part of the Forsyth Light family and for the amazing bed. NK 

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