Understanding Twin Flame Relationships

Going beyond the soulmate relationship

Meeting your Twin Flame is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You might feel a tingling sensation or a sense of knowing. Something deep inside stirs your emotions. A magnetic energy surges within. The person standing in front of you evokes feelings of a magical connection like a distant memory that brings to the surface your primal energy. You feel as if you are in the middle of some grand reunion with a long-lost friend or lover you didn’t even know you had. You’re about to be swept off your feet and some part of you feels the energy inside lifting. The excitement fills every dimension of your being. Magic fills the air and surrounds your senses, sexually, emotionally, and intellectually, as you are carried away into a blissful state of being. That’s usually the point where the fairy tale ends and the hard work of transformation begins.

From this moment on, the relationship will unfold according to the spiritual development reached by each person at the soul level, meeting both exactly where you are at this moment in your life. The term Twin Flame could be one of the most misunderstood labels to emerge from the spiritual movement. The belief in connecting with a Twin Flame often leads to spiritual bypassing at a minimum and psychosis or some loss of reality in the other extreme.

What is a Twin Flame?

Theories behind Twin Flames vary. Some feel that the each soul is created with an exact duplicate, like two seeds from the same pod. The souls share an etheric womb, each one developed with a spiritual DNA that is perfectly aligned. As a result, twin souls provide a mirror that shines a light for the other to truly see themselves. With every incarnation, one soul remains in the non-physical dimensions as a spirit guide to help draw the incarnated soul toward lessons of love. Their journey through many lifetimes is a shared experience as they take turns incarnating. If one incarnates as a female, the other remains a spirit helper with masculine energies that help bring balance. Incarnating as a male, the spirit twin brings feminine energies to growth process.

The matching vibrations means the souls will become a teacher for the other with a deep connection to the emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, and etheric dimensions. Like two independent root systems that form a single tree, the Twin Flame becomes a catalyst for each other’s growth with a spark that can feel similar to a lightning rod. There is nothing subtle about a Twin Flame relationship. The Twin Flame can reflect everything beautiful inside and everything that lies within the shadow. Some believe that when Twin Flames incarnate at the same time, they have the opportunity for this lifetime to be the last for both in the physical dimensions. To fulfill such a destiny, profound growth must occur with synchronicity as they journey through this lifetime together. If they turn away from each other due to the challenges of transformational alignment, they will journey through time to meet again in a future life for another chance at spiritual evolution.

What is a Soulmate? 

Soulmate is a term sometimes used to designate someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, love, intimacy, spirituality, and compatibility. A better definition might be a helpmate. Your parents, siblings, lovers, friends, and total strangers are often some level of a soulmate, for every person has many helpmates on the planet. A soulmate can enter your life to help in some way for an hour, a day, a month, or a lifetime. 

Soulmates differ from Twin Flames, in that they carry qualities similar to opposing ends of a magnet that create a spark, a draw, a familiarity, or an attraction. The difference between a soulmate and a Twin Flame, is the soulmate represents more of a yin/yang relationship. The universe is governed by a cosmic duality, sets of two opposing and complementing principles or cosmic energies that can be observed in nature. You’ve heard the idiom opposites attract? Soul mates can hold varying degrees of masculine and feminine energies that, when put together the parts become complementary to the whole. We can experience the magnetic attraction of a high level soulmate in the same manner as a Twin Flame, so the difference is challenging to determine.

The yin is a feminine inward energy that is receptive, dark, and negative. The yang is the masculine energy that is outward, bright, and positive. Yin and yang elements come in pairs, such as male/female, dark/light, Sun/Moon, passive/aggressive, day/night, and hot/cold. The opposing forces coexist in harmony, complementing each other. The two different energies cannot only help each other, they can rely on each other for existence; working together to make each part stronger as a whole. Soulmate relationships, where each person carries varying degrees of yin and yang, often find balance through interaction. Twin Flame relationships often find discourse with interaction, especially if the evolution of each soul is not at the same level. If harmony is found in the balance between the opposing aspects, the relationship can soar to a higher potential than one person can find on their own. Two people in a soulmate relationship often experience blissful moments of peace, harmony, and greater benefits within the coexistence and interaction.

The True Nature of a Twin Flame Relationship 

Twin Flames are aligned in a way that can attract or repel. Each person in the Twin Flame relationship is a mirror for the other. The reflection illuminates lessons of love as the Twin Flame draws forth the greater lessons from the moment they meet. Out from the shadows comes anything that needs to be healed in order to know love without condition. Reaching the highest level of unconditional love begins with self-love, so an issues of low self-esteem are amplified in the presence f the Twin Flame. The possibility of sacred union in this lifetime means each partner is being asked to stand on their own two feet, become more independent by avoiding codependency, and by taking responsibility for themselves and their actions.

Love between Twin Flames illuminates anything short of taking absolute responsibility for emotions, relationships, family, and life-purpose. Issues of self-worth, patterns of codependency, and addictions to sex, drugs, alcohol, emotions, suffering, and negative behavior patterns must come into full alignment with spiritual laws for the relationship to thrive or even survive. If the relationship is to compliment and support spiritual growth, each person must find balance within themselves first and foremost. This is the destiny of meeting a Twin Flame. Transformation becomes forced learning with Twin Flames, and if one soul is not ready for the shift, a fire is ignited within. Stages of growth and healing usually occur in orderly stages, as each person becomes ready according to the cycles sand rhythms of their life. The forced learning before a person is ready, will potentially create the fireworks that could dominate the relationship.

When a Twin Flame relationship becomes toxic

Given the true nature of the energy around such a relationship, becoming a lover with a Twin Flames might not lead to the oath of least resistance. The relationship with a Twin Flame is better built on friendship first, then love will follow once the transformational work has been accomplished. The mirror shows all. No one can hide, deny, or escape what they see reflected in themselves. Twin Flames cannot avoid shining a light that illuminates anything in the shadow side of their twin. Pain, jealousy, deep-seated fears, and behavior unbecoming their true nature, can surface as part of the healing process.

If Twin Flames become lovers and a toxic relationship ensues, this is a sign that they must part ways to spend time apart to work on themselves before pursuing the relationship any further. Addictions, lower energies, negative patterns, psychosis, and any issue residing in the consciousness    creating unhealthy attachments or versions of the self will be brought to the surface by the Twin Flame. Separating to take time for self-growth doesn’t mean the relationship has ended. Instead, it means spiritual laws must be applied and adhered to before the two can coexist in harmony. You cannot attempt to climb a mountain without honoring the reality of the inescapable Law of Gravity. The same applies to spiritual laws of sacred relationships. 

Add the following elements to stabilize energy following a toxic relationship with a Twin Flame.

  • Find the blessings in the Twin Flame relationship.
  • Give gratitude for your connection and finding each other in this lifetime.
  • End all suffering in the relationship by treating yourself and each other with kindness.
  • Don’t block them or try to shut them out of your life for any reason.
  • Avoid creating the intermittent relationship.
  • Stop ruminating the past.
  • Allow love to breathe by knowing you can love from afar.
  • Honor the sacred nature of the relationship with every thought, intention, and action.
  • Stop making up stories about the Twin Flame relationship.
  • Refocus your attention toward your passions and life purpose.
  • Engage in exercise, getting restful sleep, and energy balancing or healing.
  • Spend time in meditation to discover more about yourself and life.
  • Awaken to the truth of your life and take full responsibility for your actions.
  • Release all expectations and stop blaming others
  • Work toward loving yourself in every way (the reason your Twin Flame showed up).
  • Engage in the highest measures of self care.
  • Fall in love with your life.

Angel Whisper on Twin Flames

Twin Flame relationships will never be understood in terms of black and white, which means people are best served moving away from any limitations in thought or beliefs around the term. If two people are attracted to each other and fall in love, and if their individual spiritual growth is in alignment, love will follow naturally. The mind thinks it knows everything, but the Higher Self has the elevated view of life where the truth can be seen.

The bond between the Lower and Higher Self must be broken to ensure a healthy relationship between Twin Flames. It takes effort to raise self awareness to the level of breaking that bond. Negative emotions must be released, which is the duty of every human being and the influence of the Twin Flame. Once the bond is broken, the spirit rises and awakens by taking full responsibility for every action. When every life event can be experienced as neither good nor bad, the soul has grown to reach a higher vibration connected to compassion, balance, harmony, and peace.

Two people can journey through this life without causing injury, harm, or suffering to each other. Every action is a choice and every reaction is a measure of the soul. Self-care is self-love. Finding the key to loving yourself is the most spiritual thing any person can do. Loving yourself and your fellow human beings is the duty and responsibility of every person. Otherwise, you become responsible for projecting darkness and negativity to create an absence of love in the world.

Awaken to the higher nature of your existence by cleansing from the past and living in the only reality available to you, which is this moment. Right here and right now is the only time and space where truth of your existence is fully available.


Twin Flames are a type of spiritual zygote; two independent energies that start as one. Soon after creation, individual development of two separate souls begin arranging themselves by filling the hollow cells of energy. A replica is an exact copy, while a duplicate means having two or more identical parts. Some part of the twin souls remain identical throughout eternity, while other aspects form separate identities, personalities, behaviors, and idiosyncrasies. Twin Flames are duplicates, which means they remain identical in only a few areas.

Strangers who have experienced similar traumas such as abandonment, abuse, loss, injury, suffering or harm, carry a vibration that can attracts those who have had similar experiences. Like survivors that gather together with other survivors, the Twin Flame carries the same qualities of attraction with each other throughout eternity. Members can leave their survival group for various reasons, such as not being heard, not feeling a benefit, not at being in the same place spiritually, or being triggered to express negative emotions. Leaving would indicate they are not ready to match the vibrations of the group. The same holds true for Twin Flames. Being wrong and not being ready are not the same thing, so discernment is needed to sort out all aspects of a Twin Flame relationship.

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