The Humble Beginnings

As I was developing classes for the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts, I designed one specifically for the crystal bed practitioner. This was part of my passion to get the Forsyth Crystal Light Table© into the world and in the hands of skilled operators. The first classes of the 4.0 teachings were limited to three people, and it was all about operations and energy sessions using the light table. During one of those classes, a participant pulled me aside and expressed their feelings about the curriculum. They felt that I should consider opening the class to everyone, regardless of their interest in the light table. His belief was that many people were seeking information for personal growth, who were not interested in becoming a practitioner or owning a crystal bed.

Taking the suggestion to heart, I completely redesigned the class and the 4.0 sections on Multidimensional Bodies, the Aura, Energy Assessment, and the Crystal Bed Therapy. This was a major transformation of the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts Training Program, and a significant change in direction for the entire community. Since that time, the Level IV classes have witnessed incredible personal transformation with the participants, while still turning out crystal bed practitioners, energy healers, the medical intuitive, modern shamans, and those seeking spiritual growth.

But the entire IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts Program started with crystal bed therapy and a desire to teach people how to use the energy device. I began to get information on the construction of the light table from waking visions, dreams, and meditations in April ’06, after becoming interested in crystals and the crystal bed idea. I read a book describing a crystal bed session while in flight to Southern California to become an Angel Therapist® with training from Dr. Doreen Virtue. I had not been that interested in crystals or the power they possess, and knew nothing about crystal beds. Nonetheless, I arranged for a crystal bed experience in Laguna Beach where I started having visions of building my own light table.

My new near obsession took me researching around the globe, where I found limited information on the subject and hardly anything in the way of a crystal bed that I could purchase. I found the only manufacturer of light tables at the time, and when I offered them $8,000 to build my table they refused without any explanation. This was discouraging, but as I turned to my guides, I began to receive information on the construction of a crystal bed through visions of blueprints. This eventually led to my own design and construction of a crystal bed.

I carefully journaled all the events and information that appeared during that time into one document which became the blueprint, and after 15 months the Harmonic Crystal Healing Bed© was born. The first light table was assembled in the basement of the historic Garcia House in central Austin, named after a prominent doctor, and completed the construction in the summer of 2007. I moved it into my own central Austin home to start doing sessions with the only Harmonic Crystal Healing Bed© in the world!

Part of the science, information, and strategy to build and operate the crystal light bed was discovered in my research after the fact, in the life and works of Dr. Marcel Vogel, the teachings of a 4th generation metaphysician, a clinical psychologist, information from a private manuscript written by Dr. Alberto Garcia, and my own whispers from the angelic realm. My guidance was to build certain aspects into the bed, such as international symbols of love, an angelic stone portal to a higher dimension, Vogel-Cut® Crystals (blessed by Amma), and some other features that might be considered trade secrets. The Harmonic Crystal Light Bed© combined crystal healing, chromotherapy, sound therapy, magnetic therapy, Angel Therapy©, and a portal to the hidden realms integrated into one unique device.

In the summer of 2013, the Harmonic Crystal Light Bed© went through a redesign and the Forsyth Crystal Light Table© was born. Over the years, thousands have experienced both models and we are now actively building them for spas and practitioners around the world. I soon realized that the table could be used remotely, such as during phone sessions and remote energy sessions. But the principles of operating the crystal bed are the same used in all forms of energy healing.

Our custom crystal beds are the only ones in the world that come with the option to become a certified in Crystal Bed Therapy. Whether working with a device or the method of choice, the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts strives to work with people at all skill levels and in all areas of their personal development. At the IEL Institute, we continue to develop new ways of helping others on their path as new ideas, case studies, shared experiences, and the whispers from spirit continue to add to the foundation of crystal bed therapy.

by Russell Forsyth

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