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The Forsyth Crystal Light Table © combines elements of healing modalities with roots in the ancient theme of Atlantean healing. Crystal Bed Therapy using the Forsyth crystal bed combines the resourceful elements of crystal therapy, chromotherapy, sound vibration therapy, magnetic therapy, and Universal vibrations to create balance and harmony within the body, mind, and spirit. Ancient healing with new technology brings back a timeless tradition that is anything but New Age. After years of study and evidence-based results, the future of energy healing and crystal bed therapy has arrived as predicted by Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce!

Blueprints from the Angels

The Forsyth Crystal Light Table © is a unique energy tool invented by Russell Forsyth, that combines ancient wisdom with modern modalities to bring balance and harmony to the human body. Russell received visions of blueprints during channeling sessions with angels, and as a former builder acted on the inspiration and his imagination to create this unique energy device. The power of combined therapies offer a unique and often life-changing experience for many.

The crystal bed uses the combination of alternative therapies with an Angelic gateway to form a unique Reiki crystal grid that surrounds the entire body with vibrations. The process of bathing in oscillating resonant healing frequencies can facilitate transformation in a return to personal sovereignty.

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One of the most practical applications of the Forsyth Crystal Light Table © involves the chakras and the body’s energy centers. The tones from the crystal bowls stream into the chakras with true harmonic vibrations that displace lower frequencies. This allows for the removal of blockages and the clearing of energy channels clogged by stress, negative emotions, or trauma. Click here to see what makes our crystal beds unique.

A major component of the crystal bed is the use of fine-cut crystals. There is a powerful therapeutic effect delivered by these fine gems that have been shown scientifically to deliver a low dose of natural radiation. The frequency held by crystals vibrate at the same rate as water and the human body. Quartz crystals are one of the few elements that carry this vibrational match. By directing crystalline energy into human energy systems, in combination with sound vibrations tuned to a certain frequency that match each charka, a molecular restructuring or re-patterning can occur. (according to Dr. Marcel Vogel, Senior Scientist at IBM for 27 years, the developer of Vogel-Cut© crystal technology, and founder of Psychic Research Institute)

The technology of transformation

With more than twelve years of case studies and thousands of people having had experienced this unique device, the Forsyth Crystal Light Table © has been shown to lead to shifts that some claim as miraculous. The FCLT© goes through periodic updates and improvements with new discoveries around technology, along with observations from client case studies. Crystal beds come in several models that are custom built for practitioners, spas, and individuals, and are currently found in New York, New Mexico, Santa Rosa California, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, and Austin, as well as abroad in Australia. The list of IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts graduates who are incorporating the Forsyth Crystal Light Table © into their practices is rapidly growing, so visit our practitioner page to see if there is a FCLT© near you.

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FCLT© Testimonial

“This FCLT© is powering ahead and I am blown away at the results it is achieving and what it is capable of achieving. I am really discovering that the table has the capacity to expedite and enhance the release of cellular memory….way faster than any other tool I have used before. Taking a leap of faith to operate what I call ‘The Sovereignty Table’ (As Russell calls the Crystal Table) has been incredibly rewarding. For many years I have been in clinical alternative health and have utilized a wide variety of modalities, at least 3 of which still hold great power 30 yrs down the track. I have been blessed to have a large client base so I know I am in a position to clearly comment on the power and efficacy of this energy known as “The Table”.”
Libby Gordon, Australia


“I just wanted to check in with you as a follow-up to our session last week. I have to first say that being on the Forsyth Crystal Light Table with the singing bowls was the most powerful healing I’ve ever done and I’m so thankful! That was really a very powerful experience. The next time I see you I’d definitely like an afternoon appt. It was challenging to be around people and active for the rest of the day. I felt really quite tired and a little sad although I felt relief. The next day I really had an unburdened type of feeling and felt much lighter and calmer. I’ve listened to the recording from our session over and over, and find it to be so layered. It has given me some confidence in knowing the person that I truly am and to see what I am capable of as well as the challenges I must overcome.  And I feel great about it!


Funny story: I came to see you on a Tuesday and the rest of that day was a wash for me; I just wanted to reflect upon our session and studying for my last exam on Wednesday was not a priority. This exam is very important and I’ve been waiting to take it for a couple of weeks. Wednesday morning, exam morning, I got up and went to pilates and started my day. When it came time for me to put my things together and leave I realized I was missing something. I ended up missing my exam. And you know what? Instead of having anxiety and feeling disappointed in myself, it didn’t really even phase me. I know this is not what I’ll be doing. I walked out of my house and felt the sunshine on my face and knew everything was ok. It was a beautiful moment.


Thank you so m much Russell! I have a sense of hope and calm that I haven’t felt in a long while and am super excited about the future!”
J. Wallace


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