Talking to the Angels


People often ask me if I was having unusual experiences as a child, or what happened to me as a General Contractor for thirty-three years that led to my current abilities as an Angel Therapist©. I was certainly very sensitive as a child, but those sensitivities didn’t seem beyond what might be considered normal. As a General Contractor, I did experience some phenomenon working in old houses and historic structures, but nothing that made me aware of any hidden abilities.

What I have discovered is that we are constantly in communication with our angels, guides, and ancestors. Seamlessly moving between the spiritual and physical realms, I feel most of us are unaware of the communication with the non-physical realms and what form that messaging is taking. It’s probably not a good idea to wait for a crisis to occur, before creating some awareness around non-verbal communication with the angelic realms. But like most others, I waited for the healing crisis to hit before I turned my attention to communicating with the angelic and spiritual realms.

It’s not like I lived without faith in a higher power, it’s more that I didn’t know how to use my faith with my gifts to communicate anything with regard to my life. Another common element of my path, and the path of most people, is that I needed some kind of evidence that beings in the non-physical actually existed in a way that gave me confidence. My personal emotional healing crisis served to open me up to the connection with spirit, by helping me release all the limitations and conditions created during my previous fifty years of life. Sometimes we have to get down before we can ask for help in lifting us up.

In construction, I had to learn to read people in a way that would create success in giving them what they wanted. Otherwise, I would not get paid, so my life, livelihood, and family were dependent on my ability to hone my skills beyond simple spoken communication. That part of my experience helped me hone my sensitivities to develop trust in the skills that were an essential aspect of creating success in life.

After taking my angel communication workshop with Dr. Doreen Virtue, pieces of the puzzle started falling into place with one aha moment after another. The evidence of my successful communication with angels occurred frequently and undeniably, with constant realizations that angels had surrounded me for my entire life.

As I started teaching angel communication, I had the fulfilling experiences of witnessing others with their moments of realizations. I also became aware that this was a launching point into the world of channeling. There are many ways to learn how to channel a non-physical being, but working with angels seemed to be the safest and easiest way to learn. This is mainly due to the loving nature of these incredible beings of light. Everyone has the natural ability to channel, but angel messaging leads to the highest level of discernment and the avoidance of common traps associated with the activity of channeling.

Beings from the angelic realm do not have an agenda. Those that have been led to believe angels are ‘wanting’  or ‘making’ a person do something, are getting the indication that human ego has entered the equation. This is another area that angelic communication can be extremely helpful, with the sensitivity and ability to identify when the voice of ego might possibly be creating a false narrative.

My personal insights tell me that communicating with angels can help illuminate the path forward in ways that can minimize suffering and create more self-awareness. There is enough suffering on the planet without imposing more on ourselves and others. One of the most life-enhancing activities I have ever personally experienced, is learning how to communicate with angels. Whether I am writing, healing, inventing, playing, or creating, I have one of the best tools available to the human experience.

As a healer, I use angelic communication with every session, as I have learned to trust the information that comes through Spirit. Non-physical beings in the angelic dimensions express high levels of intelligence, they are practical, sensible guides that can help with any decision. They won’t interfere with our lessons, but angels can help with understanding this life, why we are here, and what we can do to manifest at the highest potential.

by Russell Forsyth

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