Stress Takes Many Forms

Receiving information on Polarity Therapy was one of those aha moments for me, but it was also an uh-oh moment as well. With the study of this subject, came the realization that I may have missed on many of my energy assessments in the past. The chaotic disorganized flow of energy that exists with a reversal of polarity, can easily throw off the seasoned energy healer and intuitive reader.

In some cases the incorrect polarity is interpreted as an entity (to one side of the extreme), to reading the opposite of what is true for a client (at the other end of the intuitive spectrum). Medications and treatments can have the opposite effect to a person with their polarity field running in reverse, so polarity therapies are usually highly effective and complementary to all other traditional treatments.

Integrative MedicineWe live in a world of polarities on a planet that is currently being challenged by the shifting movement of energy between the poles. The energy that flows in a natural current between negative and positive poles, is an aspect of the most basic structure of all energy known to humans. The natural flow of human energy is an organic movement connected to the basic structure of life that manifested with the creation of the organism. Every biological structure has an energetic movement that oscillates to form a frequency specific unto itself.

When the basic structure of energy is subjected to stress, especially if the onset is sudden or sustained, the result is a form of tension. Stress to any magnetic field, even that which surrounds the earth, can cause a sudden and unexpected switching to occur. Magnetic fields morph to push and pull at one another, with multiple poles emerging at different latitudes throughout the process. The earth’s surface is in motion, unlike a magnet on the refrigerator. In some way, the switching documented over the course of history might be some sort of calibration that is taking place. The earth may have to wobble on its axis in order to come into balance.

Humans also have a lot of moving parts. Who’s to say whether a polarity switching within humans serves some purpose with bringing us to center. It’s possible, even probable, that certain forms of stress could be beneficial in ways that might be hidden. Since we live under conditions that offer a process of elimination, one bad marriage might lead to the best marriage ever as a form of human calibration. The experience of a bad break up, could be an essential aspect of creating a successful relationship!

Everyone knows that stress can take an unhealthy toll on the body, so it’s how we respond to stress that’s important. With the ability to identify that a polarity switching has occurred, or what event might have triggered a polarity switching, one can become more self-aware. When the body is switched, it is stepping up the communication to its inhabitant and the message is pay attention to me!

With Polarity Therapy, the energy healer brings awareness while the intuitive advocates for the body that is not being heard. The result can be an immediate transformation occurring when the body becomes more able to organize its own energy. The client can be sent home with a protocol and an awareness that stress management is essential. The larger the energy field, the more there is a need to manage the energy as a way to deal with tension and stress. When success is achieved, stress is released and balance follows.

The IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts has developed an exercise that is not only simple and effective, but has been proven and tested on thousands of people. Learning how to accurately identify and balance a polarity issue is an act of service that could easily prevent illness, changing a person’s destiny with an act of kindness. Understanding polarity therapy and how to accurately assess the issue in detail helps in making determinations in multiple areas of energy healing.

One aspect of an existing polarity issue is the block that occurs with healing at every level. A proven therapy to treat a condition will easily fail if there is a polarity reversal. The healer and the client may get frustrated at the ineffectiveness of a modality that has proven to be beneficial in the past. In the event of any therapeutic failure, the path to healing begins with a correction through polarity therapy before any other treatment can have a reasonable chance at success. The process can be lengthy when a polarity issue hinders wellness, but the result of a correction becomes the evidence of success. We can’t write the script as healers, but we can follow the story that leads to the highest levels of wellness in the body, mind, and spirit.

by Russell Forsyth

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