5.3 Polarity Therapy Course Description

5.3 Master Energy Intuitive
Polarity Therapy

Your body is a cosmically designed vessel that operates on frequencies created by oscillating energies that form vibrations. Negative and positive contact points of the human body facilitate the natural movement of energy throughout the various systems. Energy is supplied and distributed throughout the body, much like any battery sourced operation. If one battery goes in backwards, the other batteries in the sequence are not making contact. The result is a chaotic and disorganized movement of energy that, if sustained over long periods, can become a chronic condition called polarity reversal, psychological reversal, or being ‘switched’.

Polarity reversals are common and have been linked to ADD, ADHD, and Bipolar Disorder, especially in children. The most common misconception is that a onetime treatment resolves a chronic issue, which can be misleading and a disservice to the client or individual who is struggling with this issue. Energy healers can easily misread the client and the polarity issue when this type of disruption occurs. Addressing this polarity is a critical aspect to energy balancing. This course includes seven tutorial videos to complement the teachings.     

Under this program, you will conclude with a greater understanding of the following.

  • understanding polarity issues
  • how to determine if a person has a polarity reversal
  • chronic polarity reversal
  • localized conditional polarity reversal
  • known causes of polarity issues
  • symptoms associated with polarity disruptions
  • assessment of polarity reversal
  • the dominant vibration
  • easy ways to correct the polarity reversal
  • how to estimate the correction period
  • how to use the polarity correction
  • method to ground and connect to the earth energies
  • toxin release
  • functional integrations
  • possible experiences
  • learning through case studies
  • articles that explain
  • certification Polarity Therapy

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