Intuit the Energy of Love

Love (luv) 1. Love is a profoundly tender feeling 2. Love is a passionate affection for another person. 3. Love is a feeling of warm personal attachment. Love is hard to define, but starts with a connection to the divine and expands in an absence of fear or lower emotions that would limit the feeling of connection.

Love can take many forms, and every soul is seeking that which brings the highest potential vibrational alignment. The search for love can seem like one long series of eliminations and failures, but the result is the formation of discernment and wisdom. There is no lost time, only lost souls seeking their way back to the light of love. The journey is the path to love, regardless of the story created in your mind. Imagine if life experiences were not viewed as good or bad. Life would be simple, as if you were a child on the path to discovering a new world filled with opportunities to find love at every juncture.

Let love lead the way and innocence will never be lost; it will be replaced with leadership and a teaching that becomes an example to the world. Nothing is lost through the eyes of  the soul and from the natural innocence of the human spirit. Define your source of the energy of love, and you will be fulfilling your purpose for being here on earth at this time. Your life is not a category, and your purpose is not the things you do. Your existence is to become the glue that bonds all matter in the Universe.

Russell Forsyth