Intuit the Energy of Love

Intuit (in-too-it) 1. To know, feel or understand something without direct evidence. Everyone has senses beyond the body senses of touch, smell, taste, etc. These are referred to as the ‘Clair’ senses. Clair refers to our natural physical and intuitive senses. Claircognizance refers to a clear knowing without knowing how you know. This type of psychic sense can be used to gain intuitive knowledge, information, and communication with non-physical energies or divine beings.

Intuition can be compared to a recording of your life within the subconscious mind, where you have the ability to reverse, pause, or fast forward the recording of your soul journey. In this way, you are ‘bending time’ to feel the vibrations that are the true essence of your being. The Higher Self will bring into focus the senses beyond the body, to shine a light on the action of free will choices from the conscious mind and true spirit.

The pure essence of the human experience is dependent on the connection with the Soul through intuitive powers. When the physical realities of limitations are presented, the intuitive nature can connect with Divine energy and circumvent all expectations of the analytical mind through faith, love, and an opening to the illuminated spirit of life. Russell Forsyth