It seems that our country is more divided than ever as contempt for different viewpoints has replaced anger, making it challenging to get total agreement on any one subject. Even though the science is there for climate change, many elect to deny the facts and stick with their emotions as the only truth. Like climate change where the conversation should be about the environmental toxins that kill over seven million people a year, the same type of diversion occurs in the discussion of health and integrative medicine.

Currently, over half of all doctors will agree that energy medicine has found a place in the health and wellness industry, while the other half will deny the benefit as not having enough studies and evidence. In many ways, I’m the type of person that needs proof of some kind of benefit  from a process to support my beliefs. That proof has come repeatedly in the form of the results that I have witnessed with my clients. To me, positive results are the highest and in some cases the only form of evidence. 

In a practice that routinely sees 7-900 people annually, there have been several cases where I was the only one working with a client. Whether they didn’t believe in doctors, were afraid of Western medicine, didn’t have the money for traditional treatments, or simply believed in alternative therapies, many people have turned away from Western medicine for some reason. Personally, I am a believer in traditional medicine, and a believer in taking personal authority when it comes to my body and my health. I have also experienced huge benefits with complementary and alternative therapies, in conjunction with traditional medical treatments.

In the section of the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts that explores integrative medicine, we take a deeper look at the spiritual aspects of the endocrine gland system, the metaphysical causes of illness, and the emotional connection between the mind and the body. Opposing viewpoints are offered as a part of the path for personal exploration and discoveries of internal resonance by the master healer. The intent behind IEL Institute 7.2 section and the entire program is not to pretend to be a doctor, but instead to create a knowledge base that can help determine when a client needs one.

I have always held the belief that each of us have a medicine wheel, and on that wheel are the team of people that will help us with our lives and our health. Each persons’ medicine wheel should include doctors, energy healers, massage therapists, counselors, intuitive readers, and those who we are drawn to as helpers for maintaining wellness in our life. If there are people who can access the deepest levels of intuitive wisdom to provide clarity, awareness, and the information needed to create positive shifts, those are the people that become by critical partners in the journey of the soul.

The IEL Institute’s mission statement is reflected in all of the teachings as we strive to create joy, bring beauty, and ease suffering. This simple mission statement intends to help others create their highest potential in life, by offering the information and studies that lead to the best individual choices, the development of personal style, the highest expression of gifts and talents and the fulfillment of the highest level of human potential. 

by Russell Forsyth

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