7.2 Integrative Medicine Course Description

7.2 Grand Masters 
Integrative Medicine

This course offering will engage the participant with the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts master level teachings around the metaphysical causes of illness or disharmony. By identifying the energetic cause of imbalance, we can develop a practice geared toward achieving harmony and balance. As integrative medicine accepts alternative and complimentary therapies as beneficial to traditional treatments, the future of healing opens the doors to the intuitive reader and the energy healer.

Vibrant energy is the key to vibrant health. Helping a person gain awareness with their current emotional health status through an assessment of energy, can be a positive experience that leads to actions of empowerment. Human energy systems can be the one area with a focus on balance, that allows the client to become empowered to find solutions matching their spiritual, mental, and physical health needs. This course includes eight tutorial videos to complement the teachings.

Under this program, you will conclude with a greater understanding of the following.

  • what is integrative medicine
  • treating the whole person
  • conventional and alternative approaches
  • mind/body connection
  • opposing views
  • how emotions impact health
  • energetic adaptations
  • illnesses and their hidden meaning
  • Edgar Cayce’s view on Cancer
  • Edgar Cayce’s therapeutic approach
  • spiritual energy with each endocrine glands
  • adrenal fatigue
  • symptoms of imbalance with the adrenal
  • energy assessment of the endocrine system
  • learning through case studies
  • articles that explain
  • certification

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