Taking Command of Life

Bringing balance to the human energy systems can be effective when it takes on a more linear form. I like the woo woo just as much as everyone else who explores their spirituality, but that viewpoint involves the trappings that can take you and the client into the field of illusions at best, and to the ocean of confusion at the very least.

I just filled out a depression survey from my traditional western doctor of forty-one years, which is only one indication that medical science is leaning into the area of understanding the metaphysical relationship with health. A persistent negative thought, a hidden expectation, holding a lower emotion, and the energetic consequence of trauma at any level, can leave an indelible imprint on the soul. The relationship between the emotions carried day to day and the imbalance created by lower energies, might be more straightforward than previously proven by modern medicine. Illness is the spirit’s inability to handle the emotional energy.

Sometimes we benefit fro  what I call putting our foot down to the Universe and commanding a little more cooperation (lol). Did you notice I said commanding? Commanding is taking charge of your life with authority, unlike demanding which is akin to a child throwing a tantrum! I have done that plenty of times without any positive results. The Universe ignores that type of outbreak, like a parent turning away from a child who is pounding their fist into the floor in a fit of emotions.

When there is a pain in the body, it means your body has been communicating and you haven’t been listening. Now the body is screaming. In this section of the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts, we try to help with determining the metaphysical cause of disharmony to apply a strategy that can shift the energy. Affirmations that oppose negative thoughts, vibrations, or the effects of trauma and abuse, can serve to establish balance and a return to good overall health.

The simple act of writing or speaking affirmations can soothe the soul and awaken the primal essence of life-force energy, to create a balanced flow throughout the entire mind/body system. This process can help simplify life, restore balance, message love to the entire emotional dimensions of the energy body, and open channels that lead to vibrant health. Calming the energies related to stress, trauma, negativity, and any vibration that creates imbalance, gives the spirit the ability to handle the energy within.

by Russell Forsyth

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