Love for Sound

As a musician and songwriter, I have always believed in the healing effect of sound and music. Some of the best people I know are musicians. One friend of mine is a drummer who began to notice orbs appearing at his gigs. In order to document what he was seeing, he used a camera to take photos from behind his drum kit before, during, and after each performance. What he saw was slow building balls of light known as orbs, while the crowd grew more involved with the music.

His theory was that while people listen to music, feel the beat, and move to the sound, they begin to call forth their angels and ancestors. The more upbeat their energy becomes, the more present the spirits become. He also believed this was the reason that listening to music makes a person feel so good.

With theories of channeling non-physical beings, one must raise their vibrations and lift themselves upward into their higher self. High vibrational non-physical beings, do not descend into our energy, instead, they meet us on the bridge between the heart and the spiritual realms. Music and sound can help us onto that bridge, and I feel we are channeling our guides often without realization of what is happening. Subtle communication that informs the sub-conscious mind, could be the onset of the higher levels of conscious awareness.

As I transitioned into the work of intuitive reading and energy healing, I started working with sound in a different format than music. The first singing bowl we owned, was a giant G#. It sat on our shelf for the most part. A friend from Houston was visiting one weekend, and she kept looking at the bowl. She finally asked about it and so I gladly demonstrated how the quart crystal bowl could sing. She immediately started holding her stomach. She was in disbelief at how the sound made her feel. That moment really got my attention and started my passion for more discovery around the use of sound for vibrational healing and energy balancing.

The building of my practice included the invention of a crystal bed, and as I gathered the whispers from spirit I was guided to use a set of frosted crystal singing bowls as a main component of energy healing. The singing bowls were initially used in a circle around the human body laying on the table.

Using clairvoyance, I could see the energy centers of chakras. Sometimes they were dark or black, sometimes the colors were faded, and sometimes the colors were way too bright. This was a sign of an imbalance, either resistance, blocks, or overcharged energy centers showing their true color. (lol) As I played the bowls, I could see them ‘sputter’ at first, or the color would change.

They would eventually turn to consistent vibrant colors, which was the sign that balance had been achieved. My clients would describe the feelings that came with chakra balancing, such as feeling lighter, more energized, or feeling tuned like a piano! As I progressed my own knowledge of human energy, I witnessed incredible healing with the use of sound. As emotions were released or balanced, physical healing would follow. The use of intentions, ceremony, gratitude, and the energy of love in a manner designed to target the energy, brought the desired balance. My clients would communicate their experience included positive results, which became evidence of the transformation.

As spirit taught me more about the most challenging forms of energetic imbalance and spiritual illnesses, my use of sound matured to match the challenges. I found myself working with some of the most devastating issues that anyone will face. People I worked with had experienced trauma or some form of abuse creating childhood imprints, thought programming, karmic bondage, ancestral-related imbalances, entities, dark forces, and more. With each challenge came a new level of understanding around the nature of entrainment and the use of sound for healing.

Now we are seeing more revealing evidence regarding the science of the effect of vibrations on the human body. The use of Alchemy Singing Bowls, Binaural Beats, healing frequencies, and variations of sound for achieving balance, give the energy healer an array of tools to choose from. While the use of sound for healing is relatively new to acceptance by modern medicine, the ancient cultures were using sound healing thousands of years ago. The beautiful blend of modern science and ancient wisdom makes the world of sound vibrational medicine part of the exciting new frontier for the emerging professional in the alternative therapies.

Sound healing can be used remotely, on the phone, in performances, one-on-one, on the body, or in ways yet to be discovered. The IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts offers an introduction to sound, then follows with a step-by-step guide on the path to becoming a master healer, medical intuitive, modern shaman, intuitive reader, or anyone thirsting for spiritual knowledge. In this way, the basic information transcends the seeker’s knowledge into wisdom.

by Russell Forsyth

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