Karma Story

When a beautiful kind healer approached me in a session and described the negative patterns she was dealing with, everything she said fit into my understanding of karma. I am the first to admit that I am not the guru that poofs away someone’s karma, or can even explain what I feel is one of the most misunderstood of all universal energies. But I have learned enough to have developed a protocol for balancing karmic energy that has been proven to work effectively.

The energy healer described a failing practice with few clients and the growing need to work a part-time job in a warehouse. This is not uncommon for any artist that tries to quit their day job. She described how good she is at healing therapies, but possibly even more talented when it comes to warehouse work. I could have easily made a case for her to do what she is good at, as a way to find fulfillment! (lol) But it was obvious that she held so much passion around healing work, and it was part of her life-long dream.

The negative pattern around her healing practice had been occurring for quite some time. Just when she thought she would be able to quit her day job, the clients would stop coming and the warehouse would start calling. During this session, she also revealed that there was also a repeating negative pattern occurring in her love life. She would find someone that she thought might be ‘the one’ and they would suddenly disappear, never to be heard from again. She expressed a significant aspect of her pain and frustration came with regard to the ticking of her biological clock.

Part of my understanding around karma, is that the Universe offers lessons through magnetic attraction to the people and circumstances that will deliver them. Once we have learned the lesson, the magnetic aspect doesn’t always immediately shift. There are several hidden aspects that forge a subconscious response to life. Through awareness and conscious declarations of freedom from the need for more lessons, karmic energy can be balanced. I call this putting your foot down to the Universe and taking command of the destiny of your life. As I explained this to my client, she understood and went home with the karmic balancing protocol developed by myself under the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts.

The process can take a couple of weeks to complete, and she had the willingness to do the demanding spiritual work. Some of the most highly developed spiritual people have expressed the incredibly challenging aspects of karmic energy balancing work. As she completed the karmic protocol, the magic unfolded more quickly than expected. She contacted me and expressed that within two days of finishing the karmic protocol, her healing practice was filled and she had met the man of her dreams! Every client cannot expect the same results because everyone’s energy is different, and everyone’s life path is their own.

There are several features of energy that have a bearing on the successful balancing of any energetic disharmony. For this reason, the karmic section of the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts is part of the master level of the program. Simply making determinations around karma without the ability to discern other issues, could end up becoming very misleading or confusing. For example, karmic energy can be delivered at birth from ancestors or represent a blemish on a soul’s spiritual family. Both these energies are stored and delivered by the adrenal gland system. The adrenals also deliver life-force energy, which means they are inextricably linked to each other

The master level healer must be able to separate these energies, if the return to sovereignty is the goal. These aspects also place a great deal of emphasis on the individual’s ability to lift their vibrations in order to accomplish the successful balance of energy. Even then, the karmic path is littered with details that create the need for precise accurate assessments. The possibility for quantum entanglement, makes the energy balancing on all level somewhat of a challenge filled with opportunities for failure. The success of balancing karma depends on multiple factors, and only a successful assessment of energy will make the determinations that will lead to positive and beneficial results.

The fulfillment that comes with helping another human being on their journey, far outweighs the challenge. With all healing service work, the client often reflects a powerful message to the healer. This can ultimately help them with their journey, which points to the reason that we are all in this life together and connected to the mystery of the incarnation cycle of death and rebirth. You might say that helping someone with their karma means that you are karmically connected to that person, which further illuminates everything stated! (lol)

by Russell Forsyth

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