Detective Story

I have always loved a good Film Noir or detective story and deep down, always wanted to be a detective (lol). In all my past careers, I became a type of detective. Historic restoration work provides an ideal environment to do detective work, from the history of structure, to finding the illusive house parts, to creating ways to implement a plan. As I began to do intuitive readings and energy work, the opportunity for making key discoveries as an energy detective was available day and night.

Most people that come to me for medical intuitive sessions, tell me stories about all the doctors doing detective work on them. Sometimes they discover the source of the disharmony and sometimes they simply treat the symptoms. Once Western Medicine fails to trace the issue, most people get desperate for answers and seek out the help of an intuitive. I have successfully traced several issues from energetic parasites to a lack of vitamins and minerals that was causing depression. When I discover something like the latter, I encourage my client to get traditional testing to verify the information, like a good detective would.

Part of the value of doing an accurate energy assessment, is the fulfillment that comes when you can help resolve an issue of imbalance. But there is also fulfillment in being able to recommend a specialist that can deal with the clients’ issue to create success with finding resolution through addressing the true cause. The more you know about human energy and anatomy, the easier it becomes to discover the source. It seems that this process is much easier than some may think.

If the discovery is energetic, then the opportunity for service is at hand for the energy healer which only adds to the excitement and fulfillment. Once an energetic imbalance is addressed, the physical body is free to follow in incremental steps toward wellness. The benefit of being an energy detective goes much further though. As someone who holds conflicting views on Reiki and someone who has been attuned to Reiki, I believe that there are times when love and light is not enough to effectively target and resolve certain issues. The energy of light may be intelligent, but the light can be more effective with an ability to target the source of imbalance from an accurate energy assessment.

Some might say that I get the most challenging cases and that love and light is enough for most. That is fine and it makes me happy to see all forms of success. But I feel there can be a spiritual bypass that occurs with the belief that the light has the intelligence to locate the source of the disharmony 100% of the time. I feel that the intuitive energy healer has to assume the role of being the Master of Ceremonies to become the best conduit. The best practice is to direct the energy of love and light to the source of the imbalance and to understand methods used to effectively balance energy systems.

When we get information regarding an energetic imbalance, we become the Zen Archer loaded with arrows for the target that has come into view. It becomes a simple matter to guide the client to the perfect intention for healing, once the detective work has discovered the truth. The intention is like opening the toll gate to remove anything blocking the love and light to follow the highway to the correct destination. Dr. Marcel Vogel did his own detective work in the laboratory that demonstrated that love is the energy that bonds all matter in the Universe. It is that bonding from the energy of love that brings order and stability to the human body.

In a case of reversal of polarity (section 5.3), the organs, blood, and cells, lose their ability to communicate the truth regarding an aspect of the body. The heart messages the kidney, which then communicates with the spleen. The spleen answers yes but really means no, so the body begins to attack itself based on faulty intelligence. The result is illness, disharmony, sickness, and a tired confused body. When the practitioner has done the best detective work, the treatment becomes a matter dependent on the skill of the practitioner and willingness of the client.

The energy is directed to the source of disharmony, the client has a newfound awareness with a game plan, spiritual helpers with a specialty can be evoked to complete the team of healers, and wellness becomes a manifestation based in science and spirituality. All healing and personal shifts begin with the aha moment of awareness. The energy detective removes the offender that helped create the imbalance, awareness is delivered, and natural holistic healing is successfully accomplished.

I use the ancient method of dowsing as a form of channeling to make discoveries. I don’t depend entirely on dowsing, because there can be issues with accuracy. I mostly use intuition with a process of verification, using the pendulum in order to arrive at a point of clarity and confidence with regard to the issue. When working with spirit, it’s all about the accuracy of the question that helps arrive at the most concise answer. Divination rods, the pendulum, and the body pendulum, are the tools of this detective.

The IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts is designed to give all the support needed to understand essential energy features that cause disruption, so that you can be the detective. As you progress through the teachings, it’s not long before you can do an accurate energy assessment. Then if you choose to move into the advanced sections, you arrive with the tools to perform a master level energy assessment. You will be amazed at your skills, once you can target the energy with the help of an energetic scan and an accurate assessment of human energy systems.

by Russell Forsyth

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