Beyond Verbal Measure


I had little understanding of the ancient wisdom regarding the energy centers known as chakras, and little awareness how important the study would become in my life. With my introduction to the subject during my week-long training with Dr. Doreen Virtue in 2006, came some very unexpected skills and results.

Having a connected moment with an angel was one thing, but being able to see and feel human energy centers was an unexpected benefit to carry with me from that point forward. Even with basic knowledge of the seven major energy centers. I began to make changes by building and rebuilding key most important relationships in my life, including the one with myself. Information on the energy centers was missing for a great deal of my early years, which affected my ability to create stable fulfilling relationships with those that I cared most about. Oh, if I only knew then what I know now!

I had allowed people to manipulate and control me with my emotional sensitivity, affecting my reactions to the point that I had lost my true identity. My persona was the identity that everyone knew, for I was wearing a mask trying to make everyone around me happy. My inability to be authentic was making me sick as I paid a price that should have been unacceptable. I was willing to set myself on fire to keep everyone around me warm, without realizing the damage it was doing to my relationships and to my health.

I discovered when my energy was clear and balanced; I could better see a truth that may have been previously hidden. I could speak and act in a way that was true to my core vibrations. Little did I know that learning about negative cords of attachment based in the lower emotions, would change the way I viewed my life and all my relationships. The change empowered me to grow as a person and as a soul. The basic information about the chakra system helped me to create a healthy practice of clearing, charging, and balancing my energy.

Then there was the shift in my enforcement of boundaries. I had to start at the beginning with many of my relationships. Some left and others went silent. Both responses to my simple desire for wellness brought profound grief at times. The people who wanted to be in my life agreed to my terms of my endearment, while the people who left opened a space for beautiful people to enter my life. Now I enjoy many healthy relationships, which was an unexpected consequence of the shift that occurred through understanding the chakras.

I learned that it was not serving to withdraw in the face of adversity. Acting like someone else to make other people feel comfortable was a disservice to me and my friends. The false illusions of the past evaporated into a wispy cloud, and drifted into the distant past as the new me emerged. It was a real me that took off the mask to create a type of authenticity that seemed unattainable to the old me.

The ability to balance my energy centers, brought the type of wellness in life that I had always wanted. Being able to identify how negative attachments were formed, gave me a tool to avoid the traps of an unhealthy relationship. The maturity that comes with age helps with any process that eliminates unhealthy behavior, but the information on chakras led to a better understanding of relationships, human energy, and the greater ability to hold a perspective needed to maintain truth and emotional honesty.

Any false sense of entrapment within the dynamics of a relationship, gave way to the freedom felt with balanced energy centers. I found freedom from energetic emotional disturbance can be achieved with a small focus on the chakra energy systems, by using a variety of resources to achieve balance in the channels through which energy flows.

The IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts 1.3 includes an introduction to the chakras, much like I experienced with my first angel class. The higher levels of the IEL Institute will take the chakra teachings to the master level in energy healing and energetic imbalance assessment. Whether for personal growth or to be used in divine service, chakra balancing can be extremely rewarding in ways beyond verbal measures.

by Russell Forsyth

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