A Time for Transformation

One of the surprises that I have found with my work, is around the integration process. Most energy healers are completely unaware of this part of the process, and often layer one therapy on top of another. We live in a fast food society, we want it and we want it right now! (lol) The aspect of healing that is most likely to seduce the mind, is that we all want to think that we can magically create an immediate shift. This is something everyone hopes for and often occurs, but doesn’t mean that the work of the body is done simply because we balanced the energy.

An immediate shift in energy that requires no integration period is referred to as transmutation, which is a conversion of transformation. The more common experience with energy healing is a process that begins with the energetic shift, and ends when all systems recover from the imbalance. If this process takes three months, that period of time would be referred to as transformation or a metamorphosis. Like the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly, humans can change forms too. That change usually occurs within a structured process that often includes the need for discipline in order to fulfill the intention. Many energy healers are unaware or do not believe in this aspect, so they recommend several sessions in a row. That type of protocol can be a beneficial part of a transformation, depending on the focus. Generally speaking, if someone comes to me after receiving an energy treatment, I am often guided to refuse services, as to not interrupt the process that was just started by another healer.

In most cases of extremely challenging integrations, the client has what might be referred to as a spiritual illness. Abuse, trauma, stress and imbalances that may have started as a child, can be energetically buried beneath layers of energies that became coping mechanisms, creating a type of quantum entanglement of energy or a spiritual illness. Spiritual illnesses must meigen. A passage from an ancient Sho Sutra (from Sanskrit meaning rule, or like a theorem distilled into few words) states “With energy healing, if the balancing does not meigen, disease or disharmony  cannot be cured.” Meigen refers to what happens during the last stage of a spiritual illness, before the issue releases its hold. Because of the curative process taking place, one actually feels worse. This condition is a sign that wellness is being restored. At this time one should not try to stop the process by artificial means, even though one may still feel worse before recovering. It is important to let the curative process take place naturally, with no interference.

Grave problems may accompany this sudden eruption of pain. During this period, the client can become worried and may, in a state of panic, act out of poor judgment. Not realizing that wellness is close at hand, they may resort to pain killers usually prescribed at this stage by modern medicine. To suppress the pain is to retard the cure, since pain signifies imminent release. This is always a positive sign indicating the toxins are leaving the body and that health is about to be restored. Discharge generally begins with pain. Pain progresses through the body in ordered stages during the elimination of toxins as wellness is restored.

As an intuitive, I estimate the time it will take for the integration to complete, and degree of difficulty that may be experienced. In extreme cases, or around 10% of the clients I see, the integration is so challenging that other measures can become beneficial. Additional energy balancing sessions or remote energy sessions can be suggested, but the focus is on assisting the original balance, not on uncovering more issues. If the body cannot eliminate the toxins at the rate of release, a nutritionist might be needed. Another professional might be suggested to help with the process, should the need arise and guidance become clear.

Everyone is different and all conditions are specific to the individual and their experience. I have developed a general protocol offered as suggestions during the transformation period, which I have seen lasting from one day to one year. Below is what I send to clients regarding integration.

Post Balance Suggestions

What follows today’s energy session will be a period called ‘functional integration’, which is a period of time that it takes for all energies to balance. During this period, you may feel an ebb and flow of emotions and energies that are connected to a residual aspect of the experience. This is normal during the integration period, which is referred to as the time of transformation.

Immediately following the session, it is recommended to get in or around water by taking a sea salt or Epsom salt bath (or swimming) and drinking

plenty of water. You might feel very tired and a good nights rest will serve you well at this time.



Below is a list of additional suggestions:

  • Drink plenty of water and take salt baths often
  • Get plenty of rest to restore and refresh the body
  • Avoid harsh images on media and harsh relationships
  • Say no to stressful demands on your time
  • Use healthy boundaries in all your relationships
  • Nurture yourself as you would anyone going through a process
  • Do grounding activities like cleaning your room
  • Try to avoid alcohol or drugs (unless prescribed)
  • Place your feet on the ground and spend time in nature
  • Engage in moderate exercise 5 times a week
  • Do normal activities that would be considered routine (cleaning your room, washing the car, shopping, de clutter, etc.)
  • Eat grounded foods like potatoes, carrots, and anything from the ground.
  • Consuming meat, even in small portions, is also very grounding.
  • Limit any opening to the energy on the other side of veil
  • Avoid lengthy meditations or reading esoteric information
  • Engage in prayer in the form of good thoughts and gratitude
  • Try to avoid anything might be disruptive to the functional integration
  • Laugh, love, enjoy life and lighten up!
    (like additional energy work, stressful activities, big life changes etc.)
  • Try your best to stay grounded in any way that feels right

Once the integration has completed, the client may experience a lifting of the cloud that leads to feeling they are in a better position to fulfill their destined path. Unhealthy cravings can fade, physical symptoms can disappear, life-force energy can return to balance, clarity can be found, and the desired shift can be fully realized. One the transformation process has completed, the modification of unhealthy behaviors or parts of the personality that are misaligned can be released.

by Russell Forsyth

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