6.3 Dark Force Energy Course Description

dark force energy course6.3 Advanced Master
Dark Force Energy

This course explains a subject that deals with what may be the darkest sounding and most challenging energy that anyone will ever face. In clinical fields of study, there is a serious energy disruption referred to as a Dark Force Entity. It is easy to place this energy in an entity, which is defined as something with a distinct and independent existence. A Dark Force Entity is usually interpreted or seen by clairvoyants and the intuitive reader as a demonic spirit, dark energy, an energy block, or virtually any type of energetic disruption that holds negativity and darkness.

Designed to take the fear out of exploring such a topic, the information dispels misconceptions and false beliefs. With understanding comes knowledge that can synthesize into wisdom. Most energy healers will encounter some form of dark matter. If met with fear, the experience can be devastating. This offering is for the advanced healer and is not available to those under the age of 18. This course includes eleven tutorial videos to complement the teachings.

Under this program, you will conclude with a greater understanding of the following.

  • dark force energy defined
  • Dr. William Baldwins theories
  • how a dark force energy is created
  • triggers of a dark force energies
  • examples
  • types of dark force energies
  • positive aspects
  • protection or stability
  • openings for dark force energies
  • contracts
  • sleep paralysis
  • assessment of energy
  • suggested protocol
  • remote balancing
  • common theories
  • transforming dark force energies
  • home protocol
  • learning through case studies
  • articles that explain
  • certification

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