6.2 Awakening Energy Course Description

6.2 Advanced Master
Awakening Energy

This online offering deals with the dramatic experience of an awakening energy The awakening is defining a return to what one already knows through a medium that was previously unknown. The GodSelf creates a pathway for the illuminated truth to surface at the moment an opening or willingness transcends the thought, beliefs, actions, and projections. By offering a glimpse through the lens of Divine love, one can make the choices that determine key aspects on the path to ascension. Those choices will  further define identity, free will, integrity, faith, values, destiny, and personality.

The course also explores Edgar Cayce’s channeled information on what he referred to as the Afterlife Realms, which he felt delivered accurate impressions regarding the journey of the soul than all past life information combined. Cayce channeled a group of energetic patterns each soul establishes with specific behaviors, personality, and influences related to life purpose and the connection between each planet in our solar system and the endocrine gland system. The soul may have spent time in the energy of a specific planet prior to this incarnation to ‘fuel up’ energy around the lessons specific to spiritual growth. Although this may sound like astrology, the influences may or may not coincide with traditional astrological charts. This course includes six tutorial videos to complement the teachings.

Under this program, you will conclude with a greater understanding of the following.

  • understanding awakening energies
  • symptoms of awakening
  • assessing awakening energies
  • spiritual energy centers
  • stars and patterns
  • afterlife realm test
  • soul agreements as it relates to the afterlife realm
  • identifying your endocrine gland responsible for awakening energies
  • methods used to balance the endocrine gland system
  • hormonal intelligence
  • case studies
  • step-by-step instructions
  • exercises designed to grow your skills
  • meditations
  • learning through case studies
  • articles that explain
  • certification

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