2.2 Mediumship Course Description

2.2 Advanced Intuitive Communication

We designed the curriculum for this online class to help understand all aspects of the medium experience. Whether holding a desire to improve skills for the purpose of becoming a public figure doing platform mediumship readings, or a desire to learn more about connecting with deceased loved ones for personal growth, this class will help bring clarity to a mysterious process. Each participant will learn how to make solid connections with clarity and safety while discovering more about the gifts inherent in all.

This offering could be highly beneficial in exploring individual levels of intuition and the Claire senses that are your strongest gift, regardless of any interest in pursuing mediumistic activities! Understanding basic understanding of life and death can expand consciousness in one magical moment. Experiencing the mysteries of life within a safe setting that can ultimately lead to a greater awakening.

This event is experiential and design to push the limit of one’s comfort zone. Tapping into the lower vibrations can help understand soul-to-soul communications, leading to greater abilities in the area of healing in the spiritual arts. This course includes eight tutorial videos to complement the teachings.

Under this program, you will conclude with a greater understanding of the following.

  • teachings modeled after a world class psychic with 25 years experience
  • religious views on conducting mediumship
  • types of mediumship
  • how to prepare for each connection with a deceased loved one 
  • opening and closing the door to the spirit world
  • the three essential elements of a professional medium session
  • exercises that help improve skill levels
  • identifying the relationship
  • preparing a client for their experience
  • connecting with your loved ones
  • unhealthy transfers
  • establishing a protocol and policy
  • learning through case studies
  • articles that explain
  • certification
  • FAQs

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