1.4 Course Description

1.4 Intuitive Communication

The more you know about a process, the better you can perform with that activity. This is especially true when establishing a meditation practice. With all the different options available for learning meditation, we hope to give you something not found in other courses or with other teachers. 

By understanding different aspects of meditation, you can move forward into your practice with clarity. There are many options to choose from when it comes to an ancient practice. By knowing what fits your personality, demeanor and lifestyle, you can establish a practice that delivers lasting rewards.

Our 1.4 module comes with 14 testimonial videos that will deliver the following information.

  • an introduction to meditation
  • different types of meditation
  • using visualizations
  • the benefits found in meditation
  • known health benefits
  • 5 ingredients to a successful practice
  • common challenges
  • tools for evolution
  • protection or stability
  • how to open and close
  • step-by-step meditation
  • case studies
  • healing using meditation