1.2 Archangels and Ascended Masters Course Description

1.2 Intuitive Communication
Archangels and Ascended Masters

This online course will focus on the Archangels and Ascended Masters, their specific area of expertise, and ways to benefit from a connection to the non-physical realms. Through exercises, using tools, and practice, you will gain confidence with a process that measures where you stand in developing your skills.

Understanding the role of an archetype includes a focus that can bring feelings and emotions that show a connection to a specific Archangel or Ascended Master. As you practice mental body exercises, your abilities increase to develop all the Clair senses. Case studies give examples that inspire the imagination and motivate the seeker inside. This bundle includes seven tutorial videos to complement the written teachings.

Under this program, you will conclude with a greater understanding of the following.

  • introductions to Archangels and Ascended Masters 
  • the archetype and their specific purpose
  • the Celestial Hierarchy of Angels
  • developing the Clair senses
  • creating your own angel whispers
  • growing the intuitive senses
  • mental body exercise
  • meditations
  • clearing addictions
  • learning through case studies
  • articles that explain
  • certification

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