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The IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts is dedicated to bridging science with spirituality to bring forward the gift of intuition through an understanding of metaphysical principles. Whether your goals are for professional pursuits  or for personal growth, we have something for you.

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A Sample of Our Courses

3.1 Crystal Therapy

This course has a focus on the teachings of Dr. Marcel Vogel and his methods of using fine-cut crystals as an energy device. As an IBM scientist, Dr Vogel pioneered crystal cutting technology that led to amazing alternative therapies. 

5.1 Soul Retrieval

This course will help you understand soul loss and soul fragmentation resulting from trauma. Past life traumas, birth traumas, death traumas, and even minor events that one would not associate with trauma, impact the soul to create illness, false personality traits, addictions, phobias, and characteristics that might not be true to an individual’s core vibrations.

6.1 Karmic Energy

This course is designed for anyone interested in the subject of karma, including individuals, couples, groups, or practitioners.  Karma is a Sanskrit term that literally means action or doing. In the Buddhist tradition, karma refers to action driven by intention, which leads to future consequences. 

what others are saying


I’ve been most impressed with organization and dissemination of the IEL educational program. The effort to combine so many sources into modules is much appreciated. I truly grasp the dedication to the work and deeply understand the value of the curriculum.

Candyce R

I’m over the moon about it. The IEL website and courses are so user friendly. Very easy to navigate. I really like the simple layout. I’m taking the spirit release course and wow. I did not expect the course to go this far into depth. I feel so blessed to have access to this knowledge. It’s like huge to me. I truly thank you for your hard work and that you are able to share it.

April D

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