Transformative Healing

It can be very exciting to learn how to detect and see energy fields, since all living organisms have one. I remember my strong desire to see auras and coupled with my determination, spirit whispered that I could use nature to help with my clairvoyance. While visiting the Lincoln National Forest, I used a moonless night to experiment with tuning my aura visioning skills. The giant pines served as a great focal point. While looking at the tree from a distance where I could see all the branches of the entire tree, I looked directly at one of the forest giants without focusing on any one specific area. As I softened my view, I slowly I began to see an outline around the tree. The energy surrounding the majestic pine, was a soft white and appeared to have many layers that contained a hint of a rainbow effect. Imagine my excitement to be privileged enough to see the aura of the Ancient Ones in the forest. That was my humble beginnings of seeing energy fields.

As I slowly got the basics of energy balancing and intuitive communication under my belt, I started to look at the energy of life through a different lens. Advancing my clairvoyant abilities, I began to see movement in the energy around the body, as well as a variety of colors. Each subtle shade of color, each layer, every dimension of energy, and the energy of each chakra, can tell a story that contains a record of the past, present, and future.

Humans are multifaceted beings whose energy occupies many dimensions. Living in the bubble of a bioenergetic field, we are physical beings that exist in a magnetic domain. With every action, whether internal or external, there is a reaction. The colors emitted from the energy field are created in a vibration as silent expressions of emotion. Within every layer of every human dimension, there is an energy center or a chakra. By measuring the balance of each chakra in each dimension, the story of life unfolds.

The dimensions of human energy create an organized field specific to each person. This is sometimes referred to as the Electromagnetic Field, the Bioenergetic Field, or the Aura. Kirlian Photography can capture a snapshot of the field, and some advanced healers and clairvoyants can see the human energy field. Infants and toddlers can see the vibrant colors in the aura, perhaps because they just emerged from the dimension of the divine and their eyes are still attuned more to the non-physical dimensions. Over time, most lose that ability to see the aura. Yet with desire and practice, some can retrain the eyes to see auras once again.

Beyond the 3.0 of the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts, begins a transition from intuitive communication and energy healing to advanced principles of the spiritual arts. The introduction to chakras in the 1.3 section provides the foundation of information that the 4.1 section builds upon, as knowledge of the chakras expands under the sharing of information on multidimensional bodies. Each dimension holds a chakra and a divine purpose with regard to the energy of the soul. Putting the two together paints the picture that tells the current conditions of health and vibrancy.

When basic understanding is reached, the healer can advance their skills by targeting the energy of any imbalance. The ability to share the information with another person brings a level of awareness that can lead to transformative healing and the beginning of a new chapter for that individual. Then you have put yourself in a position of helping another person create the next chapter in the story of their life, by helping them with information regarding their energetic health of the body, mind, and spirit.

by Russell Forsyth

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